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📸: Maya Snoddy

Allow me to tell you an unheard story of how I lost my mind in order to find myself. 18 years and 5 diaries later, I’ve finally built enough confidence, restored my vision and overcame writer’s blog.  I’m definitely not a journalist major or have the most media experience but I am inspired and feel I have an obligation to share my insight. Plus, I can hardly sit still after hearing inspirational music. Music has encouraged me to share life’s experiences through Music for the Soul Only.

One of my objectives is to help others achieve their full potential by focusing on the Six Dimensions of Wellness: Emotional, Occupational, Physical, Spiritual, Social and Intellectual. In order to that, we have to take control of our lives and have a sense of direction. Once we understand our “WHY” in what we do, we’ll find our passion.

📸: Eye Moon

As a music enthusiast, my ultimate objective is to create a place for upcoming Artist, Producers, Dj’s to share their art. Not just the artist you may have heard a little about or seen open up a show for a nationally known artist. I am mostly referring to the upcoming artist that holds on to their music for years & no one ever hears how talented they really are, the artist that spends years trying to perfect 1 single song that they miss out on opportunity to grow into the best version of themselves. The only difference in that artist & an artist like Andre 3000 or RHCP is the self-confidence and belief in themselves. Even if they don’t sound like Kendrick Lamar they’ll never really know without negative or positive/corrective feedback. Imagine how many people (like me) need to hear that specific sound/voice- just to get through the day, the year or life itself.

📸: Eye Moon

If you really think about it (as an artist) it’s bigger than you, your ego or your target audience. But that’s a perspective only a growing artist would understand. I’m here for it, if you are. Even if you aren’t-someone else is & that’s the sole purpose of Music for the Soul Only.

So who’s next up?