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11/7/17 7:30AM

This kid. Driving to daycare like we do every day I pull up and Sayge goes insane “Noo, not this place!” I asked where she thought we were going?

“GiGi’s house!”

“It’s not Thanksgiving yet. Please be patient.”

“I’m already all the days patient!” while she’s rolling her socks back down.

“Why are you rolling your socks back down?”

“You said I don’t have to go to school if I wear my socks up.”

This took at least 5 minutes to comprehend and makes no sense at all.

Months ago I told her “Roll your socks down; we’re not going to school dressed crazy today!”

3 year old logic: Roll up socks. Skip school. Her planned failed miserably.

I say “Clearly you are some kind of special so dress how you please, have a good day and go learn something.”

Angrily “No you have a good day…mommy!”

#goodmemory #nicetry

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