Freakin' Kids,  Interesting

“Yeah mommy they’re all my best friends!” 11/8/17

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Every morning I spend at least 10 minutes convincing my 3 year old she has to go school and its going to be a great day. As long as she cries on the ride there, you would think they’re harming her throughout the day.\

“I don’t want to go that school anymore!”

Walking into class today one child completely stops what’s she’s doing and says “Sayge is here!” Another little girl then says “Yay! Everybody Sayge is here!” Three more just crowd around her. It just warmed my heart.

“Wow, for a little girl who doesn’t want to go to school everyday you sure are popular, Sayge.”

“Yeah mommy they’re all my best friends!”

Is it possible to forget how much you are loved when you leave where you’ve been majority of the day? It happens as an adult so I suppose so. Either way, this stage in her life took so long to get to reach so I am a proud mommy.

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