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Thanksgiving- The Gift of Transplantation Medicine

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Last week, I was invited to join “The Celebration of Thanksgiving- Gift of Transplantation Medicine.” The event was held to honor donor families & recipients at #UTSouthwesternmedicalcenter

There were hundreds of donor families & just 36 of us (recipients) I swapped stories with a couple of them but I connected with a teacher who’s story really touched me.

She came to honor a little boy that passed away from a car accident in June. The driver was distracted-texting. A lot of staff from his school showed up to remember him. They described him as respectful, passionate and thoughtful. He would ask his mom to send gifts to his teachers when they had a bad day. He brought this teacher a case of Dr. Pepper the next day when he noticed she was stressed. He was the fastest runner at school & in his neighborhood & everyone knew he would be an athlete. 

When he was 7, he asked his parents could he become an organ donor, he died just a year later. His organs, eyes & tissue are benefiting multiple other families & it’s exactly what he would’ve wanted. This story just kept getting better. 

The same week life was taken from him, his mom found out she was having another baby. His teacher was so emotional explaining the impact he had on her life including becoming an organ donor, Court Appointed Special Advocate & working towards becoming an adoptive parent. She just wants to make sure she does her part on earth & make an impact.

When we start to understand  the impact of our daily decisions & just how much the ripple effect of those decisions impact another person’s life our gratitude becomes so apparent. 

I think Thanksgiving has unfortunately  lost it’s way over the years but moments like that are much sweeter than any plate we will ever consume Thanksgiving Day.  #thankful #blessup #donatelife



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