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    November 10 “World Keratoconus Day”

    Today is World Keratoconus Day! I was diagnosed in 2009. Received corneas from complete strangers & underwent two corneal transplants to restore my sight. 👀 Pictured: 2015 & Just a few weeks ago. My vision was 20/400 & I could no longer look straight into the camera . (I literally took that photo 10 times & it was still cross-eyed.) I became self conscious & stopped taking selfies. This was the last one of 2015. 2018 is the first year since 2011 I’ve worked a full year w/o needing a medical procedure. And I can confidently look directly into the camera. #progress. It’s kind of ironic that due to health reasons…

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    What woman? 1/26/18

    Most days, I come into work on a positive note, including this day. I rarely allow the environment in the work place take me to a negative place. It’s was the last day in the old building, we’ll be relocating a mile away from my home and I’m super excited. The past few months, after the announcement of the move, I held my excitement because most employees were taking it so hard and resisting change. Some of them were even in tears. I’d attempt to uplift and persuade them to make the move benefit them. I’d explain we will always have the power to change or turn our circumstances around whether we believe it or not. Even if…

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    JADU HEART 💛 "U Never Call Me" W/ MURA MASA 🔥 – – – "Tell me why you ain’t been callin’ . Tell me why you waste my time. Tell me why you won’t just tell me it’s alright… But the river keeps turning  Oh you don't talk to me No reason no warning Oh your words weren't deep Yeah I feel like a fool, I'm yours to keep. Don't you think I need the truth?" ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ #justpressplay #musicforthesoulonly  #jaduheart #soundcloudfinds  #muramasa show #hob #houseofblues 3/7/18 #dallas #houseofbluesdallas #deepellum #music #musiclover #blogger #musicblogger #dallasblogger @jaduheart #vibes #nextupartist #musicislife #supporttheartist #hiphopmusic #popmusic #rnbmusic #dj #musicproducer A post shared by NauBriana 💜 Blogger of Music 🎶 (@musicforthesoulonly)…

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    Xavier Omar

    December 2017, I attended Xavier Omar’s Dallas show. I really enjoyed this experience. I came to Club Dada alone but I ended up meeting a group of awesome people that also showed up by themselves. We ended up waiting in line together. Christa and Sierra are some of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met,  you would have thought we had known each other all our lives; strangers just tend to vibe a little better-in my opinion.  It was a genuine meet and conversation, specifically about our love for music,  aspirations and how we end up attending concerts alone. Sierra (to the left) majors in Public Relations. She aspires to be in music management or PR for a label.…

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    @mereba "Black Truck" Single  RELEASED: 2/9/18 PRODUCTION: @9thwonder @samhoffmanmusic mix #blacktruck #earthgang #jid #spillagevillage #mereba #Calitour #LA #SantAna #fresnoca "Stay sick cause I follow my gut, they say I was pushing my luck. Nah, Imma push me an all black truck! I'm not sorry." 🖤🖤🖤 #nextupartist #musicislife #supporttheartist #hiphopmusic #popmusic #rnbmusic #dj #musicproducer #mix A post shared by NauBriana 💜 Blogger of Music 🎶 (@musicforthesoulonly) on Feb 10, 2018 at 8:44pm PST Mereba “Black Truck” Single

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    MASEGO, FKJ "TADOW " 🎷🎷 I still get chills. Like..you just deserve to vibe like this everyday. 😎 Plus it's reassurance for all artist to keep sharing music on all streams.  #youneverknow #behindthelyrics #Masego !! Definition of a triple threat #legend #getintoit #musicforthesoulonly #jazz #traphouse #traphousejazz #idoeverything #soul #feels #masego #fkj ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• "She was so sublime. Super fine. She was never lying. Strutting in her heels Or her slides either way…eyes on her every single day, week, year Everyone wondering how she does it with no fear. All that confidence wasn't heaven-sent. Does it come within? Does it come run out? I don't know. She'll just have 'em runnin' Out and in man they want to sin. Talking deadly…

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    J.I.D "Hereditary" ALBUM: The Never Story Too much🔥to choose. #Hereditary is straight mood though. I truly haven't been this excited about a rap artist since I first heard #Kendrick Section 80 #nextup #NeverHadSh!tTour Dallas Show 2/24 @ #Trees (You ready? Im ready! You ready? Im ready) J.I.D voice lol ——————————————————————- "I can't save her if she don't want to be saved. Please God, do something for me God. She cut me deep just to see if I'ma bleed out. I know this ain't what I need, but who's to say what I need. What you say to your demons? What you say to your heart when it's walking away with your feelings? But didn't…

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      #NSTASIA "Chains" ALBUM: NEW RELIGION "Baby, when weee…when we make love just keep ya chains on. I wanna see'em swingin' allll night long…There's only one thing I wanna do." 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Top favorites of #Newreligion are Trap or Die, Hell of A Time, Parachute & of course Chains. #Nextup for sure. #Getintoit ▪ ▪ ▪ #Billboard interview w/ @nastasiagriffin "The melody and lyrics to the hook of chains came about so effortlessly. As soon as I heard a loop I started freestyling it. The producers, TON thought it was crazy and I felt it too. It's sooo fun, seductive and unapologetic. If you've never experienced the scenario I'm singing about in chains then you want to. If you have…

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    “I Know Broken Girls”

    From an early age, I knew broken girls; they were everywhere, in my church & at my school. Reaching my teen years, I noticed them at work & even in passing at the grocery store. I could look into their eyes and feel a cry out-especially as a child. Versus seeking attention & being obnoxious they were pretty reserved an introverted, with kind eyes, fake smiles & non-confrontational. Majority of them were pretty easy going & often caught in a daze. They had grown accustomed to feel uncomfortable around sons, older brothers, uncles, deacons, bishops & stepdads before they even had reason to. I used to think if the men…