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    What woman? 1/26/18

    Most days, I come into work on a positive note, including this day. I rarely allow the environment in the work place take me to a negative place. It’s was the last day in the old building, we’ll be relocating a mile away from my home and I’m super excited. The past few months, after the announcement of the move, I held my excitement because most employees were taking it so hard and resisting change. Some of them were even in tears. I’d attempt to uplift and persuade them to make the move benefit them. I’d explain we will always have the power to change or turn our circumstances around whether we believe it or not. Even if…

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    “I could’ve been great at Algebra” 2004-2005

    Throughout school, my least favorite subjects were Algebra and Chemistry. I struggled with math since eighth grade and at least once a year I’d win awards like “Most Improved.” I was never proud of them. I used to casually mention to my teacher “Hey, if you happen to have me in mind for this award, let’s just not. Okay?”  She’d say, “What makes you think I’d choose you?” Weeks later the principal’s incorrectly pronouncing my name on stage to present my certificate. I guess she thought by me saying so I really meant the opposite. That totally back fired. Back home (Kansas) if students landed anywhere between 60-69% it was still passing. In…

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    Overflow 2003

    We had a huge 6 disc CD player in our living room. I would turn it on and listen to music while I cleaned the kitchen. It helped that I had my mom’s taste in music. I’d have all of her Body + Soul albums that included artist like Smokey Robinson, Isley Brothers, Gregory Abbott, The O’Jays etc. The other 5 CD’s were artist like Mary J. Blige (Share My World), Rome, Keith Sweat etc. I was in the zone every time. I deep cleaned to the rhythm, basically. I’d stop dancing when he came in from work and find a way to clutter myself in a mess so he’d…

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    1 year Transformation 

    8/22/17! It’s been a year since I started this journey. I’ve been overweight my whole life. I’ve started my weight loss journey over & over since 2010. I could never find balance to keep it off. In 2008, I became ill & lost hearing in both ears. It only returned in one.  2009, I was diagnosed with an eye disease that caused legal blindness. After a while I could no longer see to read, drive at night, attend college, clean my home, put on makeup or even see myself in the mirror. With one ear to hear, conversations were cut short & everything began to fade. So I stayed home & slowly started…

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    SZA “CTRL” 10/17/17

    I’m so proud & inspired by this beautiful soul. A few years ago, we met at the airport & she let it be known she’d release something that wouldn’t disappoint. (I know I was a mess lol) She was partly excited and doubtful about the album.    I created a video for her newsletter a few months back just expressing my thoughts. And even after all her nominations, a GOLD Album & Platinum Single I’m still noticing the comments about some of her songs. How some women & men could never encourage her “ways” -especially women. One thing that gets under my skin about it is that these are the same ones that regularly jam…

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    If you haven’t had a chance to view Music for the Soul Only yet, it will cover Wellness & Lifestyle, Childhood, Teen hood, & Adulthood.  Along with Weight loss & Spiritual Transformation, Art, Acceptance, Judgment , Growth, Rejection The Love of Music for the Soul, Next up Artist, Inspirational Stories, Self love/hate, Love experiences, Abuse, Depression & Anxiety, Hate experiences, Privilege, Raw vulnerability & caved emotions. Mostly, what you’d dare not say out loud; your secret, his secret, their secret & my own.