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    2 Year Transformation 8/22/18

    #WAYBACKWEDNESDAY 1st day at the gym selfie. (I looked happy right? Lol) I took that photo thinking, “Damn, this is going to take foooooorrrrreeevvvvverrr!” My body was still sore from a C section & not 1 of my friends or family wanted to start a weight loss journey with me. One of my closest friends even “joked” I wouldn’t make it past a month. Got to listen for those light hearted jokes lol I follow a lot of fitness pages & everyone shares their journey online for multiple different reasons. I always look for people that are just starting out & congratulate them on just making the decision to hold…

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    “Its okay to care.” October 17, 2018

    👋 Hey…still here.Keeping life simple & writing a little more.  Just popping in to state…”Its okay to care.”💕 If you want to be understood…Explain. Want to meet up? Invite. Missing someone? Call. Enjoying it? Say so. Not feeling it? Cut it off. Mostly if you love & appreciate someone then tell them. It doesn’t matter how long its been or how out of the blue it maybe. There are no rules to this life & action cures fear.  Social media & society will have you thinking otherwise but never overlook the opportunity to share w/someone that you’re truly invested in them. It’s better than asking “What if?” Life is much…

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    Face the scale: You can’t change what you refuse to acknowledge.

    I started a new challenge Sunday & our last challenge ended two weeks ago. I was in the lead two months straight & lost. lol I guess people got tired of coming in 2nd or 3rd place. I thought surely I’d come in 2nd place. Nope! Haha But I have never been so proud to give my money up. The top loser lost almost 30 lbs. in 3 months! What’s interesting about her is that she had the toughest year including the loss of her mother & she was always hesitant about starting the challenge. I remember before that she mentioned that she had a lot going on like vacation and her girl’s birthday parties. I…

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    “If You Have Time, Understand It’s of the Essence.” 1/11/18

    “Feels”  by Snoh Aalegra has the perfect title. The entire album is pretty awesome but “Time” struck something in me that influenced my first blog post of the year. I was once again, allowing time to prevent me from continuing to write. It’s a challenge to fight this every day. “Memories fade and I try to hold on. When I don’t know where I belong anymore. The sound of your voice was my all, but these words, they can’t heal you no more. Searching high and low for peace of mind, I feel I lost some peace of mind. And I wish…. that time…never mattered.” 1/11/18 @snohaalegra "Feels" Album has the…

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    “Summer Perspective”

    Frustrated by R.LUM.R “Here I go talking ’bout the same thing; in and out as quick as you can fade away. It don’t matter what I say if you want me to chain you to the sky, oh my. You give me your kaleidoscope in monochrome. So unlike the way you color me at home. Some days it’s so vivid. But mostly I would rather be blind.” He also continues to mention throughout the song: “It never seems like you’re the one that has to choose.” R.LUM.R’s speaking about pursuing his career in music and everything else in his life that’s keeping him from it or causes him to feel…

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    “Are you suggesting I try…Shrooms?”

                    For months, I’d held on to 2 grams of mushrooms. Nick & I planned to set aside 6 hours out of the day to just…experience. He broke down his outlook on it pretty well. Nick: I feel like psychedelics changed a lot about my view on EVERYTHING. I remember watching that documentary together, and I’m a full on believer in sparse usage. I thought for a long time about how I can show you what I’ve experienced and know for a while now. If you’re open to it, the most obvious way has already been introduced. Me: Are you suggesting I try…

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     Sayge Noelle

    11/7/17 7:30AM This kid. Driving to daycare like we do every day I pull up and Sayge goes insane “Noo, not this place!” I asked where she thought we were going? “GiGi’s house!” “It’s not Thanksgiving yet. Please be patient.” “I’m already all the days patient!” while she’s rolling her socks back down. “Why are you rolling your socks back down?” “You said I don’t have to go to school if I wear my socks up.” This took at least 5 minutes to comprehend and makes no sense at all. Months ago I told her “Roll your socks down; we’re not going to school dressed crazy today!” 3 year old logic:…

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    If you haven’t had a chance to view Music for the Soul Only yet, it will cover Wellness & Lifestyle, Childhood, Teen hood, & Adulthood.  Along with Weight loss & Spiritual Transformation, Art, Acceptance, Judgment , Growth, Rejection The Love of Music for the Soul, Next up Artist, Inspirational Stories, Self love/hate, Love experiences, Abuse, Depression & Anxiety, Hate experiences, Privilege, Raw vulnerability & caved emotions. Mostly, what you’d dare not say out loud; your secret, his secret, their secret & my own.