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    “Its okay to care.” October 17, 2018

    👋 Hey…still here.Keeping life simple & writing a little more.  Just popping in to state…”Its okay to care.”💕 If you want to be understood…Explain. Want to meet up? Invite. Missing someone? Call. Enjoying it? Say so. Not feeling it? Cut it off. Mostly if you love & appreciate someone then tell them. It doesn’t matter how long its been or how out of the blue it maybe. There are no rules to this life & action cures fear.  Social media & society will have you thinking otherwise but never overlook the opportunity to share w/someone that you’re truly invested in them. It’s better than asking “What if?” Life is much…

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    What woman? 1/26/18

    Most days, I come into work on a positive note, including this day. I rarely allow the environment in the work place take me to a negative place. It’s was the last day in the old building, we’ll be relocating a mile away from my home and I’m super excited. The past few months, after the announcement of the move, I held my excitement because most employees were taking it so hard and resisting change. Some of them were even in tears. I’d attempt to uplift and persuade them to make the move benefit them. I’d explain we will always have the power to change or turn our circumstances around whether we believe it or not. Even if…

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    Xavier Omar

    December 2017, I attended Xavier Omar’s Dallas show. I really enjoyed this experience. I came to Club Dada alone but I ended up meeting a group of awesome people that also showed up by themselves. We ended up waiting in line together. Christa and Sierra are some of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met,  you would have thought we had known each other all our lives; strangers just tend to vibe a little better-in my opinion.  It was a genuine meet and conversation, specifically about our love for music,  aspirations and how we end up attending concerts alone. Sierra (to the left) majors in Public Relations. She aspires to be in music management or PR for a label.…

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    @mereba "Black Truck" Single  RELEASED: 2/9/18 PRODUCTION: @9thwonder @samhoffmanmusic mix #blacktruck #earthgang #jid #spillagevillage #mereba #Calitour #LA #SantAna #fresnoca "Stay sick cause I follow my gut, they say I was pushing my luck. Nah, Imma push me an all black truck! I'm not sorry." 🖤🖤🖤 #nextupartist #musicislife #supporttheartist #hiphopmusic #popmusic #rnbmusic #dj #musicproducer #mix A post shared by NauBriana 💜 Blogger of Music 🎶 (@musicforthesoulonly) on Feb 10, 2018 at 8:44pm PST Mereba “Black Truck” Single

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      #NSTASIA "Chains" ALBUM: NEW RELIGION "Baby, when weee…when we make love just keep ya chains on. I wanna see'em swingin' allll night long…There's only one thing I wanna do." 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Top favorites of #Newreligion are Trap or Die, Hell of A Time, Parachute & of course Chains. #Nextup for sure. #Getintoit ▪ ▪ ▪ #Billboard interview w/ @nastasiagriffin "The melody and lyrics to the hook of chains came about so effortlessly. As soon as I heard a loop I started freestyling it. The producers, TON thought it was crazy and I felt it too. It's sooo fun, seductive and unapologetic. If you've never experienced the scenario I'm singing about in chains then you want to. If you have…

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    “If You Have Time, Understand It’s of the Essence.” 1/11/18

    “Feels”  by Snoh Aalegra has the perfect title. The entire album is pretty awesome but “Time” struck something in me that influenced my first blog post of the year. I was once again, allowing time to prevent me from continuing to write. It’s a challenge to fight this every day. “Memories fade and I try to hold on. When I don’t know where I belong anymore. The sound of your voice was my all, but these words, they can’t heal you no more. Searching high and low for peace of mind, I feel I lost some peace of mind. And I wish…. that time…never mattered.” 1/11/18 @snohaalegra "Feels" Album has the…

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    “Summer Perspective”

    Frustrated by R.LUM.R “Here I go talking ’bout the same thing; in and out as quick as you can fade away. It don’t matter what I say if you want me to chain you to the sky, oh my. You give me your kaleidoscope in monochrome. So unlike the way you color me at home. Some days it’s so vivid. But mostly I would rather be blind.” He also continues to mention throughout the song: “It never seems like you’re the one that has to choose.” R.LUM.R’s speaking about pursuing his career in music and everything else in his life that’s keeping him from it or causes him to feel…

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    “I used to be jealous of Aaron Afflalo. He was the one to follow. He was the only leader foreseeing brighter tomorrows.”

    I often find myself reminiscing about the best times of my life when I go through the worst. I write down the pros and cons so I don’t make it a habit of forgetting when times were worse/best. 2012, Nick and I first connected. It was probably the best part of the “new feels” you get.  You know…that fresh feeling when you first start dating someone. You’re always anxious and floating because you’re unable to predict what the next part of your life will be like. No one can really bring you down, because everything feels perfect. Our initial conversation consisted of music. Days later, the core of our conversation consisted of music, books, film & just art period.…

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    “My Name is Joe” 2000

    At 10 years old, I understood the extent I will go for music. This specific experience I am not proud of but…it happened. In 2000, I was obsessed with Joe’s radio hit “I Wanna Know.” Unfortunately, the only way I could hear the song was by radio. Which meant I had to wait (I hate waiting) I discovered 94.5 radio station plays this song every night between 3:00-4:00AM I set my alarm for 3AM and waited. Typically around 3:28 or 3:40 it came on. I’d turn it up and sing loud enough I’d wake my sister. She was fine with it and sometimes would sing along or laugh thinking “Why,…

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    SZA “CTRL” 10/17/17

    I’m so proud & inspired by this beautiful soul. A few years ago, we met at the airport & she let it be known she’d release something that wouldn’t disappoint. (I know I was a mess lol) She was partly excited and doubtful about the album.    I created a video for her newsletter a few months back just expressing my thoughts. And even after all her nominations, a GOLD Album & Platinum Single I’m still noticing the comments about some of her songs. How some women & men could never encourage her “ways” -especially women. One thing that gets under my skin about it is that these are the same ones that regularly jam…